5 Things I want to Improve

There’s always room for improvement. And there’s always something about ourselves that can be better than it is right now. Here’s five things for me that I want to improve, and have begun the mission to improve them.

  1. Trusting in God. It’s amazing how free I feel when I stop worrying about things and just leave it alone.
  2. My writing. Well that’s a no-brainer, right? But I don’t just want to improve my writing; I also want to improve how much I write.
  3. My mornings. Just an hour earlier and a lot of progress can happen…
  4. My sense of strength. Being so petite I walk around feeling like I’m going to shatter and brake. I have to believe I’m stronger than I perceive myself to be.
  5. My editing skills. If I want to get professional, I have to study up and learn everything I can of it.

What are some things you want to improve about yourself?


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