5 New Things I’ve Discovered About Myself

I get excited when I learn something new about myself; I’m closer to understanding who I am. Even if it’s something negative, it’s always enjoyable knowing yourself better. In these past few weeks there were a few intriguing new things I discovered about myself:

  1. I have a bit of separation anxiety. I did learn a while back that I love going out and socializing and going to events and parties and such, which is no longer shocking to me, but I recently discovered that I very much dislike saying goodbye. When I’m with people I find that I subconsciously dread the moment when it’s over, and I dread it even more when I know I’m going to be immediately alone afterwards. It must have something to do with my love language being physical touch, because I’m also affected by people’s physical presence. Thus when their physical presence is gone, I get slightly emotional inside.
  2. I enjoy and have a knack for writing skits, videos, and plays. That makes perfect sense: I’m a creative writer, and these things are all about creative writing.
  3. I have an increased desire to give, give, give. I love giving gifts, but my focus has been going towards those who need a gift to turn their day around. This isn’t just friends but people on the streets, cashiers, neighbors, the chronically ill, and those in a position that causes them to feel anger and discouragement a lot.
  4. I feel physically vulnerable all the time. With a combination of a small size, weak back, and accident prone tendency, I feel like an easy target for a lot of different kinds of danger. It’s so bad that I get intimidated simply being near a very tall and heavy built man, even if they’re someone I trust. God reminded me that I can trust in him for physical protection as well as for everything else.
  5. I don’t enjoy being wet. This I realized I while back, but I’ve noticed an update: I don’t enjoy swimming all that much anymore. In fact, at this moment, the only swimming I would be willing to do would be at the lake we camp at regularly. When I think about swimming at other places, especially public pools, it garners a negative reaction.

Keep learning about yourself. You’re the most interesting mystery to solve 🙂


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