5 Things that Re-Inspire me

Inspiration is easily stumped. When I find that my imagination is paralyzed, I do these five things to reawaken creativity in my mind.
  1. I watch my favorite movie, Whisper of the HeartActually, any of Miyazaki’s films are good for inspiration, but this particular title somehow always makes the gears turn again. Perhaps that’s why it’s my favorite movie.
  2. I hang out with friends. If I can, I try to get together with encouraging pals who make me feel great. Whether it’s the social stimulus or the ideas that come my way, something about being in good company triggers my brain cells.
  3. I dance. This usually happens when I need a quick physical fix, mostly because I’d been sitting all day. Taking a walk is great too for refueling my inspiration.
  4. I read my Bible. I believe I’m re-inspired by this not just because it’s God’s Word, but because the revival I get every time I read it also rejuvenates my inspiration.
  5. I make lists. Even if I don’t have something necessary to list, I just make a random one, listing anything that comes to mind. Usually they pertain to me and my dreams. And of course I keep them; it’s re-inspiring to re-read them too.

What interesting quirks do you do to re-inspire yourself?


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