5 Little things that can make someone’s day

There are certain people that I feel an extra amount of sympathy for because of their specific position, and my heart always yearns to do something that can make their day better. Here’s 5 things that can done unto those that will certainly appreciate the smallest gestures:

  1. Prepare a little snack, a bottle of water, or even an envelope with money with a handwritten note to give to those on the streets when you pass them. Tell them something they want to read on the note, and let them know they’re being thought of before you even cross their path. Preparing a little something in advance will make the giving all the more wonderful for both of you.
  2. Give back to the cashiers in retail with a coupon or monetary token to say thanks for their hard work. Cashiers can go through a lot of crap in one day that can turn that day upside down fast. Let them know that what they’re doing is worthwhile and you’re thankful for it. Include a little thank you note with the gift.
  3. Leave a bouquet of flowers (or a different item that’s more fitting) at your neighbor’s door. Leave a little note for fun (and so they can know who it is and not freak out). Do it on occasion, such as once a month or so.
  4. Make a habit of baking cookies or bread or bringing a special snack to your church or workplace on a schedule. I love making oatmeal scotchies for the media team at my church. Everyone goes crazy for them 😀
  5. Show teachers how much they’re appreciated! Whether it’s your own or your child’s, do something regularly to make them feel loved. A simple note and token can turn a day around. If you don’t have a teacher, in any way, bring a collective gift to pass out to your local school or college.

Be that someone who people know can put smiles on their faces through your actions and gestures. Not only will you be making their days, but the amount of joy it will bring can make your own day too ^_^


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