Dream Again

“When you ask God for favor, He answers with opportunity.” -Nathanial Smith

I found this post incredibly enlightening, encouraging, and powerful. Be inspired and stirred up by this 3 minute video, and then go on and read this inspiring post about dreaming again by Nathanial Smith.


4 thoughts on “Dream Again

  1. Great video. I’m 58 and recovering from back surgery. I do not see the unexpected back problem as a curse, but I am using it as an opportunity to move from success to significance, as they say. It’s better to have a dream and live it small, than have no dream at all. From acorns mighty oaks grow. Amen!


    • That’s an incredible story! When I broke my back about a year and half ago I look back on it and realize that it was, in some sort of strange way, a blessing in disguise. It was a drastic event that shook me and opened my eyes, and it opened up opportunities I would have never taken, like starting Merely Inspired for instance. Since then I’ve done a lot of growing and have gotten stronger in many aspects, including physical. I view the regular back pain I get as merely an obstacle that I get to overcome and conquer everyday, and that makes my life more adventurous and interesting. It’s curious how God works and how things play out, isn’t it? ^_^


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