5 Habits that benefit my productivity, contentment, and overall success

I’m always on the lookout for ways to benefit myself, but especially in the area of productivity and success. There’s different ideas and definitions that people have of success, but we’ll save that for another time. I rather focus on defining my own definition of success, and these five habits help in increasing my productivity, but more importantly my contentment.

  1. Waking up early and doing all my work in the morning. There’s so much more time added to one’s day when they simply get out of bed a few hours earlier. My most productive time of day, the time when I have the most energy and get the most done, is in the morning, and the days when I finish all my tasks by noon creates one of the best feelings ever. Now, you might be completely opposite and find you have the most energy in the evening. If so, then see if you can work with that and assign tasks within those hours so that they’re done with more efficiency.
  2. Naming 3 things I’m grateful for each day. Okay, so I stole this from an article I recently read, and I decided to do just that, name 3 things I’m grateful for. What’s cool is I can get as specific I like, like saying I’m grateful for sunglasses so I can drive comfortably. You can probably guess why this would benefit contentment. The mental affects are powerful.
  3. Journaling. As a writer, this is essential for my everyday life. But journaling is for everyone, and the benefits you get out of it are endless. And it’s relieving to get thoughts out of your head.
  4. Taking walks. I haven’t accomplished a rigorous walking schedule yet, but with just simply developing the habit there’s already changes. The best part of going on walks is that it is probably the quietest my brain every gets. The sensation is amazing, and it does wonders for my mental and emotional (and of course physical) areas.
  5. Having a weekly get-together with friends. Every Monday evening the young adults from my church and some outside gather at a designated house, and we hang out, play games and talk about God and our lives. It’s something I look forward to every week and it revives me, especially with it being on a Monday; it turns an otherwise bleak looking week around. When it started I came to realize how much I needed it, a chance to socialize with good Godly company and a chance to share about my walk with God and my struggles with others who understand and who I can trust.

What sort of habits benefit your productivity, contentment, and overall success?


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