5 Things I’ve Accomplished

It’s important to remind ourselves of the little achievements we’ve made in our lives, no matter how small. It can be as little as passing a test or as big as landing the dream job. Here are 5 things I’m proud I’ve accomplished.

  1. Graduating high school early. So many moments I didn’t believe I would do it, but I did, and it was amazing, and I look back and wonder how it happened.
  2. Starting a blog! I had dabbled with the idea for over two years ever since my brother suggested it, and finally I just jumped in and did it. And I’m loving every moment of it 😀
  3. Altering my sleeping habits. I hated being a night owl, and finally I made up my mind and disciplined myself. Now I naturally wake up at six and go to bed at 9 or 10. And I feel so much healthier.
  4. Learning how to operate lights. I volunteer on the media team at church and recently I’ve started doing lights. I’m now capable of running them on my own, and I laugh at how I was always a nervous wreck during the training months. I still am some days, depending on the service 😛
  5. Growing out of a temper. When I was a kid I had a horrible temper. Like, the kind that broke things and hurt people. That’s so far behind me now and is perhaps one of the most freeing changes I’ve made to myself. I thank God for freeing me from an anger problem.

What are some little (or big) achievements you feel proud of?


4 thoughts on “5 Things I’ve Accomplished

  1. Congrats on achieving your goals! I am currently a senior in high school and was shocked when I read that you graduated early! Would you mind if you told me your secret? 😛 I also would consider myself to achieve the blogging goal. I made mine a couple months ago and now knowing I’m a co-author for Mind’s Seat (along with you) is pretty awesome!


    • My secret? discipline and determination. I made up my mind long ago to graduate early, and so i started working towards it from the beginning of high school. I took dual credit classes through Austin Community College which allows you to take college level classes during high school for both high school and college credit. That allowed me to gain the credits i needed to graduate in a smaller amount of time. That involved taking some classes in summer and having two English and two Science classes in my last year. I spent a good amount of time with my counselor and college advisor, who helped me out a ton. So, basically, it took some hard work and really anyone can do it if they make up their mind to 🙂


      • Wow, that’s awesome! I never thought about taking dual credit classes at a community college. I am actually planning to go to a community college in the fall and transfer to a university to earn my degree in Journalism. Do you know what you want to pursue in college?


        • Absolutely, and I’m currently attending community college right now. It is so smart of you to transfer because it will save you money 🙂
          I’m pursuing an Associate’s in the Radio-Television-Film program, and basically the kind of career I’m pursuing is writing and film.


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