A Poem A Day #321

The Rocks and The River

We were together once
In a little house
Outside the city limits;
Across the country road,
Beyond that little bridge
Where the water would rise
In the summer. There we were,
Conjuring ideas of the best days
And swimming in air
Wrought with hope and roses.
We sat together on the floor
And considered what to make of us,
Considered where we headed.
And words were no longer needed.
I only needed the sound of your breathing
To make me wonder,
“Am I on my own?”
Sometimes it was hoarse,
And reckless, and strangely fierce.
I would touch your hand,
And your pulse reminded me
Of the river in summer,
Tripping and colliding
And smoothly gliding over.
Either I was the rocks,
And you were the river,
But all in all, we’d make it to the end,
And through the summer.

By Catherine Joy



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