10 Weird Things about Me

Whether you consider them weird or not, here’s 10 random things about myself that I personally think are out of the ordinary.

1. I do NOT like bacon. I may be the only human being around who does not like bacon. It just makes me queasy, maybe because of all the grease. Even the very smell of it gives me headaches.

2. Any sort of slurping, smacking, or smooching sound makes me cringe and sends shivers up my spine. I remember walking down the hallways in high school, passing a couple and hearing a kissing sound. Ugh! I could literally gag.

3. I click my nails. No, I don’t bite them (anymore, hallelujah), I click them. I flick my nails back and forth over each other, which makes a funny clicking sound. Don’t ask.

4. I don’t use condiments. I hate mustard, mayonnaise and relish. I may eat something with ketchup on occasion, but that would only be chicken nuggets or hotdogs. I don’t like the fact that there’s always already ketchup and mustard in a burger. At least I don’t really eat burgers, anyway.

5. I freak at the sight of bent books, pen marks in books, folded pages, creases, or anything, really. That’s why I don’t let others touch my books. I’ve slapped people’s hands away and tugged them out of their grasp before.

6. I love the smell of cucumber. I even have a hand lotion with cucumber scent.

7. I obsessively apply chapstick. When I’m at my desk I keep it right there and literally apply it about every 5 minutes. And I only use Burt’s Bees. I will not use anything else unless I’m desperate.

8. No matter where I’m writing, even when I’m writing in my personal journal that no one will ever read, if the word or letter looks ugly, I will erase and rewrite it, maybe several times, until it’s perfect (or almost, at least).

9. I’m scared of taking pills. Except pain killer (I’ve come to accept I need that). It has nothing to do with choking. I’m terrified of side effects and I don’t believe they’re good for me in the first place. I have been prescribed stuff in the past and never even bothered to go get them, because I’ll never take them. I just chicken out.

10. Now, I can’t be the only one who does this. I talk to myself in a British accent. I may recite some of my writing, be reading a book, or simply be talking to myself, but it always subconsciously ends up sounding British. It’s not even intentional sometimes. I’m sure there are plenty of psychological reasons and it’s too humorous to name them. And I’m not British, by the way. If I was then it would make sense, of course XP

Do any of these sound like you? If they do, then cool! I’m not alone 😉


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