A Poem A Day #311

The Blinds were Closed

One day I sat in my room
Deep in thought;
I was feeling wretched that day;
my mind was all in a knot.
Then, I happen to glance and notice
Something that made me a little discomposed.
The window above my desk was shut,
And the blinds were closed.
I realized there was no light,
No glimpse of the outside, the trees,
No sight of nature, of singing birds
And leaves bending in the breeze.
I felt a loss of freedom
Because I could not see the sky.
I could not hear any sound
Besides my solemn sigh.
And that is nothing to bask in.
I was in a room of darkness.
It was a place of cold reality
And morbid starkness.
I couldn’t bear it, I needed light.
I needed a solid connection.
Thus, when I reached to pull the string,
I was headed in the right direction.

By Catherine Joy


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