10 Things that make me happy

These are 10 things that don’t just make me happy, but put me in a happy high. They have special places in my heart.

1. Receiving flowers. Despite what others say, that flowers are overrated, I will never be bored of them. There’s no need to try to be creative. A bouquet is my kind of gift.

2. Drinking tea. I like to say tea is magical. The feeling it gives you is one of a kind.

3. Dancing at a wedding. That’s one of the special times I’ll become a different person and come out of my shell.

4. Cold weather. And if it snows, it’s not just a miracle in Austin, Texas, it’s like a dream come true for me.

5. Reading fiction and writing analytical essays about it. Yes, I love it. I don’t just love reading fiction, I love writing about it!

6. Writing poetry. Need I expand?

7. Pretzels. They are my chill snack. I eat them all day long.

8. Making crafts. It’s a special moment, when it’s just me and my desk and craft materials and music playing in the background. It’s like the world pauses, melts away, is forgotten while I sit and create. What’s even better: I forget my troubles for a time, and am completely immersed in the moment.

9. Reading. When it’s a really good book, like The Book Thief, I am very satisfied and pleased, and when it’s a sucky book I am very upset because I feel like I wasted precious time and energy.

10. Spending time with God. Now, this isn’t just said because it’s expected by either me or you, it truly is something that makes me happy. Actually, it’s what makes me the most happy. And when I come into those moments that I enter the utmost peace that I can ever feel, the affect is amazing.

What do you think of these ten things? What makes you happy?


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