3 or Less Production Internship

Last week I begun my semester internship with 3 or Less Production, a small production company based here in Austin. My role in the team has been established, and, you can guess it: I’m doing lots of writing. My duty will be to write for 3 or Less’s blog, Twitter, and Facebook, respectively. So, yes! Lots of writing and lots of social media-ing.

Also, as a project for the interns, we are to create a short film. The creative juices are flowing, and today we came up with some pretty nifty ideas for a script. I’m really excited to work on this!

You should check out 3 or Less’s site, as well as their blog, Facebook, and Twitter. I’ll be writing there, so you can read up 😉

site: http://3orless.com/

blog: http://3orless.com/?cat=1

Twitter: https://twitter.com/3orLessFilms

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3orLess

Here’s to the journey!

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