A Poem A Day #299

I can’t imagine
Sitting by, speaking words and
Taking no action.

By Catherine Joy


5 thoughts on “A Poem A Day #299

    • Yeah, it is short. Most of my poems are haikus. A poem often comes to my mind when a random thought comes to my mind. It can be of anything. I grasp the thought and describe or epitomize it in words. Sometimes the thought is a deep question that interests me and a poem is an attempt to answer it for myself. Sometimes the topic of a poem is something I’m concerned with emotionally and a poem is a way I can express my thoughts and feelings on it.

      I myself question how I manage to create a poem each day. My mind naturally thinks in a poetic way, so it’s not hard to write in a poetic way. Metaphors and imagery are easy for me to grasp and create. I guess there’s really no solid explanation. I suppose all I can say is, it’s a gift 🙂


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