Do What You Can

Like so many others, I am in that place where things just aren’t quite going my way and there seems to be a tiny number of open doors and decent opportunities. Needless to say, it’s proving difficult to remain joyful, much less optimistic.

But I am reminded of something. This is what particularly motivates me to keep going. I’ve come to discover that failure and fall-throughs make me stubborn to quit. Sure, I have my moment of moping and feeling sorry for myself, which is perfectly normal, but I always bounce back. I’ve developed a “I’ll prove you wrong” attitude. When I fail at something, my mindset becomes, “Well, I’m just going to try again. So there.”

I’ve discovered that the best thing I can do is just do what I can. If I don’t have the money or the time or the resources to do that, then I’ll just do this. Sometimes doing what we can means keep trying. After all, doing what I can keeps me busy and, more importantly, keeps me doing something. And, according to logic, something, someday, is bound to happen in result. It’s just a matter of when. And that little detail is what I have to give to God.

Figure out what you can accomplish today within your means. Little by little, the works will add up.

do what you can


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