Come check out my new blog, The Paper Acre!

Hello friends!

So, I mentioned previously that I am going to launch a new blog based around crafting and gifts. In fact it’s one of my New Year resolutions. Well, I have at last created it, and I call it…The Paper Acre!


As my interest and passion for paper crafting has gradually increased over the years, I came to the point of wanting to have a place to talk about it and share my passion, just as I wanted for my writing when I created Merely Inspired. I’ve really come to love and enjoy blogging, and so I wanted to reach out further to different crowds.

The Paper Acre is basically a craft blog where I’ll share my ideas and inspiration on crafting and gift making, as well as parties and events. Also I am hoping to, in the near future, possibly open an Etsy shop and start selling my personal handmade crafts. I’ll take care of that when the time is ripe.

For now, feel free to click on the link above and come on by to The Paper Acre and check it out! Obviously there won’t be much up since it’s brand new, but you’ll see it grow as time goes on. God bless!

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