A Poem A Day #284

If I but had Wings

I will admit,
I am in want of many things.
But what I want most of all
Would be a glorious pair of wings.
Just think, one moment I’m here,
Firmly planted to the ground;
Next I am in the air,
And to the earth I am no longer bound.
I could touch the clouds
And soar with the birds,
And all around town
People will have heard
Of the girl with wings
And the ability to fly.
They will envy the fact
That I can take to the sky.
How wonderful it would be
To make my escape,
Leaving troubles behind and the people
Standing with their mouths agape.
For just a little while
I could see the world,
With the warm sun to my back
And my wings unfurled.
I could go places I want
And see sights I’ve dreamed to see.
How peaceful of a trip,
When it would only just be me.
Yes, if that were so,
If I but had wings,
I could visit all the great cities;
London, Sydney, Beijing.
For once I could be different.
I could, for once, do all these things.
It could all be possible
If I but had wings.

By Catherine Joy


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