A Poem A Day #270

A Heart that Loves to Fly

I saw a silver light in the sky.
At first I thought it was a star,
But I looked again.
It was my heart.
It took off on me again,
Running away, breaking chains,
Being a silly no-good scar.
It must have left in the night,
Growing impatient,
Looking for someone.
“You’re in love,” it teases.
It seems I have a heart
That will do as it pleases.
If I didn’t know better
I’d say it’s full of diseases,
And I am the hopeless victim.
“I am not in love,” I say,
And the plot thickens.
So, there goes my heart,
Like a shooting star in the sky.
Will I ever get it back?
Whose to say?
Unfortunately I have a heart that loves to fly.

By Catherine Joy


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