A Poem A Day #228

Going to the Bookstore

There is a place on earth
That is closest to Heaven.
It has stolen my soul
And claimed my affection.

When I walk in,
I breathe deeply and sigh.
The smell of books and coffee
Makes me feel like I could fly.

I prepare myself
For the adventure that awaits.
I step across the threshold
And enter the glittering gates.

I pass through the aisles
And walk with a steady motion
As my hand grazes the bindings;
These words are like a magic potion.

I choose a particular piece
And pull it from the shelf.
I find a cozy chair to sit,
And soon I lose myself.

The words begin to fly off the page
And a glorious story unfolds.
Tears start to fill my eyes
As the pages turn to gold.

Something new has been born;
Something magical has awakened.
Like a man who steals a woman’s heart,
My own heart has been taken.

I pause a moment to relax
And let my wonders drift.
How pleased I am to be so blessed
And receive this lovely gift.

I shall return tomorrow,
For with this tale I am not done.
I want to feel these things again,
Because my heart has already been won.

By Catherine Joy


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