A Poem A Day #226

This one is rather special. Enjoy ^_^

Why I Write

I write to gain some understanding
Of questions and concerns most demanding;
To express opinion or share a thought;
To remember things that I forgot.
To retell a story of my past;
To make beautiful memories last.

When I think to myself,
“Someone would enjoy this story,”
It would be cruel to keep it hidden.
I must reveal its glory.

At times my tongue cannot speak,
So I write to tell others what I think.
I need an outlet for my imagination,
And writing gives me the occasion.
I wish for others to know the beauty of nature,
And through writing they’ll comprehend, I’d wager.

C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Dickinson;
I wish to show what others cannot see.
I want to spin tales like the tales they spun.
I wish to be like those who used to be like me.

I write to know I am not alone;
To have something I could cherish and own.
I wish to learn and discover.
I wish to give a lonely man a lover.
It helps me escape my pains and doubt.
It shows me the sort of things I can do without.

There is a quote I’ve heard before:
“Dream until your dream comes true.”
I didn’t know my dream at first,
But then I wrote, and then I knew.

I like to challenge myself and try new things.
Now, I cannot fly, but writing has given me wings.
It helps me be optimistic,
But also keeps my plans realistic.
It takes the night and turns it into day.
It shines a light on the path and shows the way.

I write on rainy days
To make the sun shine.
I write during a storm
To make the weather fine.

God told me one day to do what I could
To take what was bad and turn it to good.
So I picked up a pencil and began to write,
And I found that I was winning the fight.
The darkness tried to hinder my mind,
But it failed to make me dumb and it failed to make me blind.

There are things I’ve known
And books I’ve read
That influenced me
And dictated what I said.

I’ve been asked some questions and given some answers.
At times my writing seems like wild banter.
I have lost myself before in seeking the truth,
Because sometimes I feel I must give some proof.
But there is a reason I write, that is why you ask.
When I look in the mirror, I see purpose at last.

By Catherine Joy


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