A Poem A Day #214

Sometimes all it takes
Is a gentle push, and then
A very hard shove.

By Catherine Joy


7 thoughts on “A Poem A Day #214

  1. Yes, the professor knows just what you mean… He gets pushed then shoved often in his line of work. Not physical mind you, but nevertheless very vexing indeed. Oh, but what to expect from punchy characters anyway. ARe you punchyish?


    • I can’t say I quite know what you mean by “punchyish”, but you’re comment did put a smile on my face. I am quite intrigued by it, in fact. You communicate like a writer 🙂

      From what I understand as punchy, I think I would say I am a punchy character. Punchy on myself. Because for me, sometimes it takes a little push, and then other times it takes a good hard shove.


    • I’m glad you found it that way 🙂

      I suppose saying that life inspired me would be really vague of an explanation, but it’s the analysis of life, rather. I often take into consideration small particulars of existence, and I aspire to explain them in artistic, poetic forms.

      For this poem, I thought about the concept of motivation. For myself, I noticed that for some things I hardly need any, and for other things it takes some force to get me going. “A gentle push…a very hard shove.”

      I also interpret it as explaining how when new things start, life will be nice and ease you into it, but then it gets too late to be babied anymore, and you need to be pushed in. Growing up, I’ve come to learn that there are just times you have to force yourself to do things you hate. Those are similar to mistakes. Without them, you won’t learn, and without them, you won’t succeed.


    • @Professor VJ Duke
      oh, what a clever reply 😉

      Well then, I suppose I can say with a new understanding that I am indeed punchy. And may I just say, I find your blog one of the most heartening, meditative, intelligent, and imaginative sites I have ever read. It’s a one of a kind ^_^


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