A Poem A Day #180

One Day

One day I was listening
To a song, and I heard
A voice that was not a singer.
It sang the same words
But spoke a different tale.
When the song told me to love
The voice told me to wait.
The sang said go ahead
But the voice said it’s too late.

One day I passed a window
And I saw my reflection.
It was me, surely, but not me.
I saw my eyes, my hair, my mouth,
I saw what looked back.
But it only looked; it was not looking.
Though I did not speak,
The mouth was moving.
My mind thought impossible,
But the window said it was true.
I did not believe it,
But my reflection knew.

One day I opened a book
And found a dozen words.
The message was clear,
But the idea was off.
I knew what they said,
I could read. But I forgot
That words can also read,
And they could read me.
Don’t tell me what I’m not,
I warn this book.
I will tell you nothing, it says,
I only ask that you take a look.

By Catherine Joy


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