Just keep (insert your passion)

I love talking to God. And i’m sure God loves talking to me. It’s what he wants most, after all. He says exactly what I need to hear at specific moments.

There is one particular thing he continuously says to me, mostly when I’m feeling hopeless or worried about my future. He tells me, “Just keep writing.” When he first said that, I was confused. Why would he tell me something strange like that? But then I began to realize the many reasons of why I need to just keep writing.

-First of all, when I write, I feel closest to God. I think that is so because it was a gift he gave to me, and I believe that when we are doing something with his gift, we feel closest to him.

-Besides that, writing keeps me going. That may sound so cliche, but in the concept of emotional endurance, it’s very much true. When I begin to feel the pangs of emotional depression, I return to my writing. It not only distracts me and gives me something productive to do, but it reminds me that i’m gifted and blessed, and it makes all those negative emotions look small and silly.

-God knows that my dream is to be a writer, and so he knows that the best way for my dream to come true is to…write! What a thought, huh? God cares about our dreams, and he knows what we need to do to achieve them.

-Writing is such a refreshment. When I journal my thoughts and troubles and ideas, I feel cleansed inside because now they are no longer burdening me but are on paper. Therefore, my mind is emptied out and roomy enough for new thoughts and ideas. And God understands how important this is.


Whatever it is you do, whether it’s writing, dancing, playing a sport, painting, interior decorating, motivational speaking, teaching, nursing, etc., keep on doing it. Especially if it’s your dream, keep on doing it. You know why you’re doing it already, and so don’t let things deter you from it.

Sometimes, the most powerful thing we can do is endure, and endure with grace.


2 thoughts on “Just keep (insert your passion)

  1. I have found a similar experience with God in doing what he has put in my heart to do brings refreshment to my soul. The battle lies with the distractions that keep us from that.


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