A Poem A Day #101

The Spirits

As mist falls over the valley,
I begin to hear the drums and the flutes.
They play a song of tribute,
A song of coldness and fear.
A mockingbird passes by overhead,
And I realize I am not alone.
The woods are alive.
The spirits pass to and fro,
And I look on in wonder.
There goes the wolf,
Cloaked in its darkness.
There, an eagle,
Swiftly ascending to the kingdom
Of the sky.
And there a great bear
Bumbles along, and with its mighty paws
It shakes the earth and echoes
A tremendous roar.
Now, as I look again
Upon these creatures,
I realize it is no animal but man
Whom I see.
A man who slinks in the dark
Like the wolf, who sails through the air
Like the eagle, and who pounds
His fists to the ground and sends up
A quake like the bear.
No, I am not alone in this valley.
And this man is not alone
In his spirit.

By Catherine Joy


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