Healing Progress Report

Hello friends!

I have good news on my back. I am out of that silly brace! I’ve progressed to a new and improved brace, and I’m happy about it because it’s so much more smaller, lighter, and airy than the old one. The first one was an entire body brace. It covered me completely from chest to hips, front and back. This new one is open and only touches at my back and chest. I can bend and move much more freely, and the interesting thing? It does a much better job at keeping my posture totally straight when I’m sitting than the old one did. It’s such an improvement.

The bone is practically healed, but I still have about 2-3 months to go in the new brace. It’s been four months since the break, so it’s been quite a process. I thank God everyday that I still have the use of my legs and I can still do the things I love, like dancing and swimming. I am an extremely blessed person. I have had a glimpse of what it must be like for those who weren’t as fortunate as I was, and I have grown a soft spot in my heart for them. From what I’ve experienced, what they want most is living as normal a life as they can. Simple things we take for granted everyday, like sitting, walking, running, driving, even using the restroom (yes indeed) suddenly become a great obstacle and challenge when things change for your body. So take care of yourself. Think wisely. Treat your body like it’s made of glass (because sometimes it can be just as vulnerable, if not more). Protect it and prepare well for those adventurous things you’re about to try. Take precautions. And, above all, I’m all for trying new things, but don’t try until you know how to do it! Ask questions and be sure you know what to do. There are experts around for a reason. 

Take care and have a lovely day 🙂


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