Many little things…

Hello friends.

So, besides my daily poems, I haven’t updated that much recently. That’s somewhat of a good thing, because then it means my life is busy, and I like a busy life. I’m accomplishing things, creating things, making things happen.

School so far is claiming most of my attention, which isn’t so bad. I’m thoroughly enjoying what I’m learning. The other half of my day is spent with my book. I’m intending to finish my third draft by the end of this month, so I’ve been crunching out words. But that’s not all i’m writing. There’s been other projects popping up, and i’m loving how much writing i’m doing, compared to past years. And then there’s the personal projects that I’ve set myself up for: craft projects for gifts, church events, social endeavors, etc.

I love being busy! But I am also bad at multitasking, at least with more than three things at a time, but I’m surprised at how well i’m juggling things. I don’t think I’ve yet experienced a feeling of overwhelming like I normally do. All it takes is some good time management and organization, which I think I’m pretty good at.

Unfortunately, that is why my blog has seemed quite bleak lately. despite all that’s going on, I never like to mention or talk about something until it’s happened. I am not superstitious, I just feel that it ruins the magic of something if it’s talked about before it’s ready. Besides, it would be much more fun to hear that something wonderful has happened rather than hearing about the desire for something wonderful to happen. There’s much more magic and excitement in one than the other.

Hope you have a splendid day 🙂


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