A Poem A Day #63

Like a Flower

Like a rose

That blooms in the morning,

Your love outlasts the day.

Like a daisy,

That dots the evergreen fields,

You loyalty is steadfast.

Like a tulip

That holds love within its petals,

Your passion holds many dreams.

Like a sunflower

That stands up to the sun,

Your boldness holds you high.

Like a hydrangea

That keeps its many memories,

Your perseverance keeps you going.

Like a heather

That brightens every garden,

Your beauty brightens our hearts.

Like a violet

That longs for every drop of hope,

Your faithfulness gives you grace.

Like a buttercup

That blossoms for the evening rain,

Your heart is that of a child.

Like a jasmine

That opens to radiance,

Your elegance is intriguing.

Like a lily

That floats among fragrance,

Your sweetness is satisfying.

Like an orchid

That blooms for all beauty,

Your magnificence is everlasting.

By Catherine Joy


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