A Poem A Day #48

A Silent Human

Who says a dog is not like a human?
Who says their lives are different from ours?
They have a mind, and they think.
They have a heart, and they love.
They have lungs, and they breathe.
They have eyes, and they see.
They have ears, and they hear.
But, alas, what would a dog do with a voice?
What things would they say?
What words would they speak?
They could tell us many things,
Like what burglar they scared off last night,
Or the strange noise they heard coming from the vents.
Surely, if a dog could speak,
We would know more than we do now,
But it is a knowledge that we do not deserve.
That’s why they are a silent human.

By Catherine Joy

My German shepherd, Liberty, inspired this poem. I’m sad because she’s old and coming close to her time, but I have lots of fond memories of her. Whenever I was upset I would spill to her and there was no harm of it coming out in the open. Sometimes I got to thinking about what sort of things she might say if she could talk.


One thought on “A Poem A Day #48

  1. I love this poem. I actually spent time one day researching the history of the human-dog bond. I really do believe they are man’s (and woman’s!) best friend.


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