A Joyful Toil

Hello friends.

I realized something when I woke up this morning. My first waking thought was, “I have to finish my flashcards for Biology…”. My classes have reigned supreme!

Now, I don’t want that happening, despite the utmost importance of my education. It is high on my list, by it can’t be too high, or all the other aspects in my life will fade to the background. I believe in developing my emotional and personal life first before my knowledge.

What’s most important to me is, in order:

  1. My relationship with God. I want Him to be the most important thing in my life. 
  2. My personal development. That involves (mostly) mental, emotional, and physical stand points.
  3. My dreams and goals. While I work on my everyday pursuits (personal development) I work on my long term pursuits, and that’s mainly involving my career goals-writing.
  4. My relationships and social life. And not just the relationships with my family and friends, but with those on a professional level with me and social media, especially my blog.
  5. Educational development. Not just school, but my own choices of development, like joy reading and learning a skill.

There are plenty more sub-categories, but these are the basics, and often they will inter-relate and affect each other. These are the things that make life a joyful toil. It’s not easy to keep in line, like what’s happening this week with school taking over. The shocker was when I completely forgot to read my Bible and add my poem to my blog. I must be careful.

It may seem cynical to make labels and list such abstract areas of life, but actually, it makes life organized, and I don’t know about you, but the more organized I am with life the more peace I have. It’s all meant to help define my focus and levels of devotion. It’s also a daily reality check for myself to see where I may be straying.

Try it out sometime, starting with smaller and less abstract areas if you prefer. You’d be surprised of what you are aware of.


2 thoughts on “A Joyful Toil

  1. Sometimes I sense the chicken and the egg theory (i.e., what came first?) in my life.

    For example if I don’t take care of myself physically (e.g., don’t get enough sleep), I am less likely to be disciplined to having time with God. So sometimes to have that better relationship with the Lord, I need to take care of my physical health.

    On the other hand, my physical weaknesses can draw me closer to Him. Sometimes I can be weighed down physically with stress from work, but when I have quiet time with Him, my stress tends to dissipate and I feel burdens lifted.

    In all cases, He seems to know what I need and generally urges me in the direction I need to take.


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