Who is Aeryn Winters?

Hello friends.

If you haven’t already guessed it, I’m writing a novel. It’s adventure fiction with some light fantasy; my sort of genre. I’d like you all to get to know my main character: Aeryn Winters.

Aeryn (name pronounced like Erin) is a strong, stubborn, solid fighter who is well learned in the skills of knighthood thanks to the teachings of her surrogate father, Theon Brown. She has the heart of a warrior but the deepest wishes to be a lady. She has a protector’s spirit, which mostly comes out when her friends, particularly those younger than her, are in danger. She desires to please those in authority and portray herself in a manner worthy of respect. She is surprised when someone calls her pretty, is tongue-tied when talking to another woman, and lets out her emotions at last when someone important to her dies. One moment she is as innocent as a child, wowed by the colors and beauty of the cities, and the next a vicious fighter, intent on having her victory.

She is also left-handed, which sets the adventure into motion. Something about her makes her special, but also a target, and she has to fight to not only protect others but also protect herself.

She likes: sword fighting, dancing, rain, and bread with jam.
She fears: crying, failing to protect others, and not being trusted.
She learns: to dance, to submit, and to cry.

Would you like to meet her? Well, someday. Her story will need a reader soon 😉



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