The Joy of Learning

Hello friends.

Due to the injury to my back I incurred back in November, I had to hold off with starting school in January. That, of course, greatly disappointed me. But! I am now back on track and beginning online classes tomorrow!

These past few weeks, I would sit back and think about the whole ordeal. I graduated high school early back in June, and so it’s almost been a year since I’ve been in a school environment. You won’t imagine how much I changed my mind, and it was mostly altered back and forth because of money and what was the best opportunity for my chosen career. I eventually settled for an Associate’s Degree at Austin Community College. For a career like writing and film making, talent and experience is more valued and desired than education, so I knew I didn’t need that much. Plus, I found it a waste spending four years in school getting in debt when I could spend that time getting closer to a publication and doing film internships, which would much more likely land me a position than a piece of paper in a frame. My focus is my career and getting to a place in that career that I most desire. But, absolutely, I have nothing against the beauty of education.

love to learn. In fact, I find it un-human if someone hates learning. It just can’t be natural. I thoroughly enjoyed school, despite the annoying immature students and stressful homework hours. I appreciated that I was learning something. Even in the classes I struggled in, like math and science, the fact that I wasn’t easily understanding the material didn’t dilute my desire to understand. Sure, I don’t find math as pleasurable as English and writing, but it’s still fascinating.

So, these past few weeks I would sit back and think, and my main thought was, “Do I anticipate getting back into schooling or am I dreading it?” In the beginning, I was dreading it, because I got a taste of what it was like not having to learn so many different things and just being able to focus on the one or few things I wanted to focus on, like my writing in particular. I’m a person who thrives in a simple environment and prefers to do one thing wholeheartedly rather than spread my time across lots of little things. But, as it got closer, I began to anticipate it more than dread it because I was reminded of that appreciation I had for learning. My first classes are two science subjects, Biology and Geography, and I’m excited. For one, I love Geography! And I’m really good at it, which is a major plus. I’m excited to learn (and probably relearn) things that I know will make me smarter. I love knowing stuff and being able to have answers.

So, I’m anticipating getting back into school. I’m excited to expand my brain and broaden my knowledge, and I’m excited for my future. I’m content with it being just a community college and Associate’s degree. I don’t need to follow my peers and society and go to some big four year university and live off of financial aid just to get in debt. If you have the right heart, you can get an education just as good as anywhere else. And besides, with the Internet of today, you wouldn’t have to pay a cent to learn stuff! Knowledge is right at your fingertips; just read a book, webpage, magazine article, listen to a seminar, podcast, watch an educational program; there’s so much available.

There’s something beautiful about learning. One of my personal goals is to learn something everyday, no matter what it is. It can be the most random thing out there, but it’s still knowledge. What have you learned today?


One thought on “The Joy of Learning

  1. I went back for my Associate’s when i was 30, got it when I was 34 (Physics) i was kicked out of high school, 18 days before the end of my senior year, for protesting (screw them) and went and got my GED. i am taking online classes ( and trying to get back into my path i strayed from when my mother died of breast cancer that went to her bones. Don’t EVER stop trying to learn and get an education. Volunteer, do projects where you collaborate with people. i love this article, it reminds me of the title of one of my favorite Physicists’ books, The Pleasure of Finding Things Out. I learned that Catherine likes to learn today, and I hope i get to learn more than one thing 🙂


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