A Poem A Day #31

The Broken London Clock

The time of my life
Reads it all in
A little moment, for
The Broken London Clock
Used to tell my time.
It was a soaring
Afternoon kind of day,
The kind that bring
Butterflies to Big Ben
And a puttering
1940’s jet over York.
Fortunately, I was in
London, but the
Broken London Clock
Lost my time.
Silk shops and
Boutiques and Monarchy
Hours would have to wait
For me. I’m not ready
Because the London clock
Is broken. I will fly
To Oxford, perhaps they
Have the time. After all,
I could always depend on
Jack to give me the answers.
It doesn’t matter if Harry Potter
Was there. I rather like to think
That Lucy has the time.
She’s quite smart, however,
I do not know where Finchley is.

By Catherine Joy

In this poem I named all the cities in England I hope to visit someday. It is my dream to live in England ^_^


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