You Should Read This #2

As a writer, of course I’m going to take advantage of all those great books out there meant to help you out, whether it be how-to books, writing tips and tools, or, like this book, how to really define and refine your life as a writer. The Productive Writer by Sage Cohen has changed how I view my writing.

Some of the chapters’ topics don’t even have to pertain directly to writing. Thinking Productive Thoughts, Reinventing your Relationship with Time, and Embracing Fear are some chapters that can be applied to any area of life. Not only does Cohen do the familiar move of “how-to”, but she involves important factors like productivity, time, and fear and teaches you how to make the changes needed with practical, easy to understand steps. There’s also a plethora of tables and graphs to follow that I particularly like; my life thrives on tables and graphs.

If you’re a writer of any kind, no matter what it is, this book will help you immensely. And if you’re not a writer, this book has great life tips that you can apply to your creative profession.


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