A Poem A Day #22

Rain Dance

Because of the beat of the drums
I felt one with the wind and with the river,
And with the sky,
And as the music grew
I began to float away
Like a bird on brightly colored wings.
The air felt thick and sweet around me,
And then I went up
To join the sun
And command it to hold its light
For just a moment,
So that the rain could join us too
In this dance.
As I perched upon its blazing horizon
Some of the light came into me,
And I alighted into the air once again
And took the sun with me.
I went among the trees,
And together with the light
And the new rain,
We created music.

By Catherine Joy


3 thoughts on “A Poem A Day #22

    • Thanks! I really like this one too. It was an assignment in my high school Humanities class where we listened to a native american song and had to write something inspired by it. My poems always have some sort of inspirational origin ^_^


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