What’s inspiring me right now?

I love to find inspiration all around me from lots of different, random things. Some are physical, some digital, some abstract. Like I told my mom once, “I take situations and events and create alternative realities for them.” Many of my stories come from this.

What’s currently inspiring me right now?

  • Cold weather. Being a born and raised Texan, but someone who rather prefers the cold weather, I am often in bipolar mode with the climate here. It is currently in the 60’s (considered freezing down here; Texans are babies with the cold), and I’m happy. I discovered rationally that cold weather stimulates me physically, and I want to get up and work when it’s cold, as apposed to the summer months, when I want to be lazy.
  • Movie franchises. Odd, yes. I don’t really know what about them is perking me up. I’ve recently gotten hooked into X-Men.
  • My little sister’s enthusiasm for my fandoms. I’m guilty of getting her hooked into anime and favorite book series. Now she rushes to me to tell me about something she just watched or read. I love it 🙂
  • Assassin’s Creed. It’s a video game series, and for a console I don’t even own. The thing is, I’m watching walkthroughs on Youtube. One thing led to another, and the next thing I knew, I was hooked. I’m such a nerd.
  • Candles. they’re one of my favorite household accessories. I like to watch the flame. It stimulates deep thought.
  • Fashion. I’m a girl, so that probably sounds stereotypical. But I currently haven’t been able to wear pretty clothes for the past three months because I’ve been stuck in a body brace recovering from a broken back, so I really miss looking fashionable. I get my dose from online sources 😛
  • New pencils. Nothing makes a writer happier than a new stainless steel 0.5 mm mechanical pencil. It’s so precise it gives me shivers.
  • Valentine’s Day flowers. I have my sweet little bouquet of red roses and green mums, but it’s my mom’s assorted bouquet from my dad that I love to stare at. It has three giant pink lilies that are just spectacular.

You can find inspiration anywhere. It’s all roadways to different ideas. Look around you. Be inspired by objects that you never thought could rouse your brain before.


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