A Poem A Day #16

Angel on the Bookshelf

It’s the faceless little angel
That keeps my mind stirring.
I close my eyes,
Squeeze them a little.
That always seems
To do something, right?
But I can feel the openless eyes
Upon me. “Forever,
Forever,” they say.
“Always, and forever.”
I’m here at a cliff edge,
A place I can stand and watch the sun
But go no further.
The sun is all I can reach;
And even so, I close my eyes
When it gets too bright.
An angel on the bookshelf
Watches my solitude of dances,
My interactions with the songs.
It begs me to sing and dance
The memory of old.
“Always, and forever,” it says.
But I don’t want to sing and dance
Always and forever.
I know it will make me happy,
But i’m not ready
To understand.
So it sings to me,
With her hands clasped
Behind her back.
It’s such an innocent stance
That I believe the words
That put a spell on me.
I’ll remember soon enough,
But for now I let
The angel on the bookshelf
Sing it to me.

By Catherine Joy


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