A Poem A Day #12

A Heartful Prayer

Blessed are those who find favor in all,
For they have heart to love one another.
Gracious are those who humble themselves before fear,
For through humbling oneself creates courage.
Precious are those who give their lives for right,
For by their blood come the drops of hope.
Comforted are those who live in grief,
For the heart cannot take ever so much pain.
Protected are those whose days are numbered,
For the mind of men think too ahead.
Loved are those with no family,
For their spirits will fade without them.
Heart-filled are those whose hearts are blackened,
For in the light of grace comes everlasting joy.

By Catherine Joy

Hello! Sorry for no post over the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays are a bit of a lazy day 😛 plus, i’ve been working hard on my novel. Thanks again for visiting!


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