The Dangers of a Bookstore

Are you like me who, every time you go to the bookstore, you ALWAYS leave with an item you never originally intended to buy? In Barnes and Noble, i’m like a typical girl in a clothing shop. I honestly have less compulsion there than in a bookstore. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of my love for books and am never ashamed to admit it, but my card sure feels the shock. Today I had the same scenario. The whole way going, I was telling myself I was not going to buy a book. Miraculously, I didn’t, but that didn’t keep me from hanging on to a clearance deluxe edition of four Jane Austen novels for $7.98 (four books for 8 bucks? that’s a steal!) for a few minutes. That’s usually how I end up buying, a really good price that makes me convince myself. I was proud of myself.

I figured there’s plenty of ways to keep from buying books every time I go.

  1. Leave card at home. In fact, leave your whole wallet! Keep your driver’s license and other important stuff you carry in there (besides your money, obviously) in pockets or purse. 
  2. Keep away from the clearance section. If you stay away, all the prices you’ll be encountering everywhere else will help counter you.
  3. Find a nice book and sit in the cafe and read it! That’s what you’re going there for anyway, for something to read. I once picked up a book from my favorite author and just started reading it in the store, and just kept getting it from the shelf the following times I went and ended up finishing it. Never bothered buying it. Unless it’s something worth owning, or it’s an author you’d like to support by buying their book, this could totally work.
  4. Browse, maybe a little aimlessly. If you check out other sections you don’t normally go to, you won’t be so ogled by the temptation created when you constantly see the books you really want.
  5. If you go there to just be in a bookstore (like I do basically all the time; it’s the environment) bring something to do, liking writing, knitting, doing a crossword, or even your own book to read, sit down, and focus on it. It keeps you from the inventory.
  6. Libraries do still exist, and though they may not always have the latest like bookstores are suppose to, you can still find a book there. And it’s free.
  7. Constantly remind yourself of all the books you already have on your shelf awaiting to be read. I have to do this all the time, as there are books on my shelf that have been there 2 years and I haven’t read yet because I keep getting more. This will make you feel ashamed and guilty, which are strong enough feelings to keep you at bay. Then go home and read those books.

Some of these you could apply to other stores, just replace a few words. Keep buying books by all means (don’t let what happened to Borders happen to Barnes and Noble!!), but restrict yourself. And make smart book choices ^_^

4 thoughts on “The Dangers of a Bookstore

  1. The majority of the books I own were bought in the clearance section at Barnes & Noble. In fact, you just made me realize I haven’t been to Barnes & Noble lately…


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