Happy February

February is here, and Valentine’s Day is coming. I LOVE to make my gifts, mainly because it’s just too expensive for me for buy gifts, and also I just really enjoy crafting. Not only do my friends and family like them better, but I love the delightful feeling that it gives me. Are you wanting to make some Valentines this year, instead of buying the generic chocolates and flowers and cards? Here’s some ideas you can try. You’ll have fun, trust me 🙂

  • You can give candy in a unique way instead of heart boxes. Line the inside of a small mason jar with festive paper and fill it with your Valentine’s favorite candy. Or you could fill it with packets of their favorite coffee or cocoa mix. Leave a sweet message on a tag tied around the lid.
  • Do you know your friends’ celebrity crushes/obsessions? Print up a picture of the famous person and paste it to festive paper with a special valentine message from their secret Valentine 😉
  • Get some inexpensive mini notebooks and fill the pages with quotes about love in your best handwriting
  • Paint and decorate a small ceramic plate and gift with a cookie or muffin wrapped in plastic wrap, tying it at the top with a note
  • Instead of candy, make a gift bag of healthy snacks, like fruit, wholegrain crackers, and Emergen-C packets, with the message: “I love you so much, I want you to be healthy.”
  • Fill small baggies with a spice, attach some recipes they can use the spice in, and send the message: “You spice up my life, Valentine”

Feel free to try some out this year. Your friends and family will love the personal touch.

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