What am I writing?

Hello friends. Hope you’re having a splendid day 🙂

I mentioned in my bio that I’m currently writing a fantasy adventure novel, and am on the second draft. I haven’t established a legit synopsis for it, but as people are interested here’s a crude summary.

Swordmaiden is about eighteen year old Aeryn Winters (name pronounced like “Erin”), who has been raised by retired knight Theon Brown in the kingdom of Corlyn. Aeryn lost her mother when she was a baby and when she was seven her father was killed by mysterious men dressed in all black, but she managed to escape. Theon was a close friend of her father and took her in and raised her as his own. Being a knight, he trained her in swordplay and other skills that knights learn. One night, their barn is suddenly set on fire, and when Aeryn investigates she’s almost killed by a man dressed in all black. In the aftermath, Theon rushes them to the nearest knights’ camp, and the following day they depart on a journey to Lighton, the royal city, with a small band of knight apprentices, with the foretold purpose of delivering information to the king. Along the way they hear and talk of rumors of a neighboring kingdom, Eridell, supposedly sending spies and soldiers into Corlyn, in preparation of an invasion. They are also followed and numerously attacked by Dark Cloaks, the men dressed in black, whom they discover are magicians and possess supernatural powers. Theon continuously behaves mysterious and somber towards Aeryn, who becomes frustrated with him for not telling her what’s going on. During one of the Dark Cloak attacks, Aeryn becomes enraged and manifests magical power through her left hand. This shocks her and puts her into hysterics, accusing Theon of stealing her away from her father who she momentarily thinks is still alive as a result of nightmares she has regularly. Theon explains to her and the others that because Aeryn is left-handed, she possesses magical powers, as all left-handed people do. It is an unexplained phenomenon. They also learn that the Dark Cloaks are the result of some of those people becoming corrupted by their powers and forming a cult, hunting down other left-handed people to kill them off. This is why Aeryn’s father was killed, because they thought he was the left-handed person and not her. At first Aeryn rejects it, not wanting to have anything to do with this power, but with Theon’s encouragement she grows to accept it and starts to learn how to use it. Several times she saves her companions by using magic, but she has to be careful, for if she uses more than she’s able to, she could possibly kill herself. She often falls weak immediately after doing something as result. During a Dark Cloak infiltration into a village they’re staying at, Aeryn dangerously uses too much while protecting a little girl she came to befriend, making her fall unconscious. As they continue their journey one of the members of the group, Caston, expresses mistrust and contempt towards Aeryn, claiming that she’ll eventually turn into one of the Dark Cloaks. Another member, Renly, fifteen and very fond of Aeryn, defends her, and Caston abandons the group. Another attack happens, and Theon is mortally wounded. He passes away, and Aeryn cries for the first time in over ten years, having last cried when her father died. She mourns long, at one point loudly expressing hate towards the decision to bury him, saying that as a noble knight he should’ve been buried in the royal cemetery where he belongs. Another member of the group, Donathan, who is Aeryn’s closest friend in the group, tries to comfort her. Eventually Aeryn recovers and announces that they will finish their mission and tell the king of the dangers that threaten their kingdom. They arrive in Lighton and inform the king of Eridell’s planned attack they learned of, as well as the fact that Eridell is employing the Dark Cloaks, unaware of their true purpose. The battle is organized, and Aeryn asks permission to be placed at the front, where Sir Theon would have been placed. The king grants it, but Donathan confronts her, telling her of the promise he gave to Theon a while back: that if anything happened to Theon, he would take care of her. Aeryn explains that he has done that, but she must do this now for herself. As the battle between Lighton and the Eridellian army commences, Aeryn frequently uses her power against the enemy, mainly targeting the Dark Cloaks. However, she is stabbed by a normal person, a corrupted man working for the Dark Cloaks, and falls, apologizing to Theon for failing before she breathes her last. When she hits the ground, though, extreme power ensues, and all the Dark Cloaks on the field fall dead, giving Corlyn the advantage and eventual victory. Aeryn’s body is found by Donathan, and she is ceremoniously carried into the city and placed on a pedestal in the royal morgue. When Donathan goes to pay his respects, he brings Aeryn’s sword, Carling, and places it in her left hand, expressing how she would have wanted it. After he leaves, Aeryn is suddenly revived, and it is discovered that magic that had been in her sword (collected there when she used it with magic) flowed back into her and brought her back to life. Aeryn also discovers that, as a result, she has lost all her powers, but shows no sorrow for it. She reunites with Donathan, and later she, Donathan, and Renly are knighted by the king. Aeryn tells Donathan she is sad Theon wasn’t there to witness it, but he explains that he did, and is always watching over her.


So, that’s the basis of my work-in-progress, Swordmaiden. In case you’re wondering, I am left-handed, and proud of it! You can guess where I got my inspiration from, then. According to statistics only 10% of the world are left-handed, so i thought, why not make something cool about them? (besides being left-handed, of course)

What do you think? Let me know you thoughts and opinions below. Suggestions are always welcome! I inspire you, you inspire me. makes the world go round.


2 thoughts on “What am I writing?

  1. How about not having Aeryn be revived. Kind of gives her a saintly quality in the end, like Braveheart. Unless, of course, you think that theme’s been overdone. Also, are you going to explain more in the actual book how or why being revived makes her lose her powers, because for me that would be bugging me if I didn’t have that explained. Then again, maybe that’s the scientist in me wanting an explanation for bizarre phenomenon. Anyway, it sounds like it’s going to be an intense story! (Btw, I instantly saw where the whole left-handed thing was coming from!)


    • When it came to that point, at the end, i sat long and debated whether to revive her or not. but i really wanted to knight her, and yeah there’s a little more explanation in the book (or if not, that’s what editing’s for). honestly, its the toughest part of the book. the ending always is. there’s a possibility i could continue this into a series; i already have some ideas. thanks for the input, Beth!


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