A Poem A Day #3


How far have I traveled into this abyss?
How long have I been gone?
When did I leave?
When will I come back?
Am I so far gone I cannot return?
Am I so lost I will never find my way?
Can I ever be found?
Shall I forever be in this abyss, waiting?
How long must I wait?
How much pain must be dealt before all is over?
How much joy?
How much sorrow, and anger, and pity?
For how long will they endure?
How can I sit here, patiently?
How can I stand in the storm without fleeing?
Must I be here? If so, why?
Why is it that I remain?
Why is it, when so many go free, I stay behind?
Perhaps such questions are not for me?
Perhaps I need not ask them?
Why, then, do I ask them?

By Catherine Joy


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