A Poem A Day

Do You Ever

Do you ever hear
The flutes
As they play the sounds
Of a whispering wind,
Rustling leaves,
And rushing waters?
Do you ever see
The quivering strings
Of a violin
As they hum and shimmer,
As they breathe a lullaby
To the fairies?
Do you ever smell
The lavender and mint,
The maple leaves
That fade in the autumn sun,
That breathe a sigh
Of scented dreams?
Do you ever feel
The blustering waves,
The glittering stars
Of the sea,
That quake in your palm
And glow on your skin?
Do you ever taste
The bitter sensation
Of olives and peppers,
Of summery sodas,
Of sharp roses,
That blow and burn?
Do you ever know
Of the spring rain,
Of the snowstorms,
Of the bitter burning sun,
As they sing and dance,
As they shake you hand today?

By Catherine Joy


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